Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can compete at ESUK Championship Show?

A: ESUK Championships are aimed solely at the grass-roots, unaffiliated competitors.  We respectfully remind all competitors to enter in the spirit of unaffiliated championships. 

     To avoid confusion our definition is as follows:

     Definition of a grassroots rider - a person who engages in the most basic level of horseriding (as opposed to  an amateur - a person who engages in a pursuit, especially a

      sport, on an unpaid basis)

     The following restrictions apply and are excluded from the Championships:

Professional Riders, (those who make a full-time living out of buying, selling, producing, breaking, schooling, teaching, producing, training or competing).

Horses/Ponies should not be professionally produced or trained for the show ring or kept in training or livery at a professional showing yard prior to the 1st January in the current year.

Horses/Ponies/Riders combination not to have qualified or competed in any classes at Olympia, RIHS or Horse of the Year Show at any time.

Rider not to have ridden at Olympia, Horse of the Year Show or RIHS at any time.

Horses/Ponies/Riders combination not to have earned any BS points at the time of qualification. (Does not apply to BS Club points).

Horses/Ponies/Riders combination not to have earned any BD points at the time of qualification.



Q: Do I have to pre-qualify?

A: Yes, qualifiers are held at ESUK affiliated shows across the country, there is also an opportunity to qualify for certain classes at the Championships. 

Q: How do I qualify?

A: A full list of ESUK Affiliated Shows holding qualifiers are listed on our website.  You may also download a qualification card from our website and take it with you to a show not affiliated to ESUK.  If you are placed in the top 3 and the judge agrees to sign your card, the qualification will become valid once we have verified the result with the show secretary.  Qualifications are non-transferable and only remain valid with the horse/rider combination and in the relevant class the qualification was achieved in.  There is also opportunities to qualify at the Championships in the 'Warm Up' Classes.

Q: How much is it to enter?

A: It depends on the class but it’s between £12 and £20 per class.

Where can I put my horse/pony?

A: We have excellent stabling facilities on site.  Bedding and haylage is available to buy at the Championships or you may bring your own.  You will need to provide your own mucking out equipment and hard feed.

Do you have accommodation?

A: There are many hotels and B&Bs locally, or you can camp on site at no extra charge.

Do you charge for parking?

A: No, there’s no charge for parking.

Can we camp at the championships?

A: Yes you can, there’s plenty of room so you won’t feel crowded and should be able to make a reasonable amount of noise!  Regretably, portable BBQ's are not allowed on site, there are however a good range of food outlets (take-away and restaurants) on site so you do not need to bring your own!

Are there prizes?

A: Yes, there are trophies, rugs, prizes and super rosettes. 

Do you have a minimum or maximum age?

A: The minimum age to compete in ridden classes is 3 years, there is no upper age limit.

What are the event rules?

  • Adults may only compete in the Show Jumping Classes on Ponies in the Adult on Ponies section, provided the pony is 133cms or over and the riders height and weight is appropriate.

  • The same pony may not be ridden by another rider in the Pony Show Jumping Classes.

  • Any Horse/Pony and Rider Combination may only compete in three Show Jumping Classes on each day.  Classes entered must follow each height level, example: 70cm, 80cm, 90cm NOT 60cm, 80cm, 90cm.

  • Ponies may not compete in the Horse Show Jumping Classes.

  • Children may compete in the Horse Show Jumping Classes provided they are 13 years of age or over as of the 1st January 2018.

  • Horses/Ponies must be entered in their Passport Registered Name not their Stable Name.  Passports will be checked against entered name in all Show Jumping Classes and BS records confirmed.

  • BSJA Stallion Grading Rules do not apply.

  • All Stallions must wear a red tail ribbon and be handled/ridden correctly at all times.

  • Booked Stables available from 3pm Wednesday -Sunday Show Closure.

  • The judge’s decision is final.

  • Competitors take part entirely at their own risk.

  • Riders must wear correctly fitted headgear which conforms with the current legal standards whilst mounted anywhere on the showground with their chin straps fastened at all times.

  • A rider whose hat comes off will be eliminated.

  • A rider, whose strap comes undone whilst competing, must on penalty of elimination replace it or fasten it before continuing. They may stop without penalty to fasten the strap.

  • Competitors must be correctly dressed when competing, i.e. hat, jacket, collar and tie/stock, jodphurs and riding boots.

  • Competitors will not be allowed into the showing ring late, after the class has been asked to trot, except at the judge’s discretion.

  • All riders/handlers must be three years old or over.

  • Ponies/horses must be four years old and over in all ridden classes. The age shall be calculated from the 1st January in the year of its birth.

  • All competitors must be the right age/height for the animal In the event of a rider having to leave his pony in the showing ring, during the judging of a class, to enable him to participate in another class, then the rider must complete his show both ridden and in-hand before leaving the ring.

  • A fall of horse or rider in any Class will result in disqualification and they MUST leave the ring dismounted.

  • In WHP Phase II and In-hand sections, if an animal gets loose from its handler it will result in disqualification.

  • Animals displaying continued disobedience, or animals leaving the ring whether mounted or dismounted will be disqualified.

  • Competitors shall not ill-treat their animals at any time whether by misuse or excessive use of a whip.

  • Stallions and colts over 138cms may not be ridden or led by juniors who have not attained their 14th birthday before 1st January 2018.

  • Stallions or colts may NOT be entered in the Young Handler, Lead Rein, First Ridden, M&M LR or FR or any Show Pony Class.

  • Cantering on the showground is not allowed – except in the rings or working in area.

  • It is strongly recommended and the responsibility of all horse/pony owners to ensure that their animals are fully vaccinated against equine flu.

  • No horse/pony can be entered more than once for any class, although one rider may enter more than one different horse/pony.

  • No person shall behave in an offensive or abusive or unpleasant manner to any person at the show.

  • No fires, barbecues or naked flames are allowed on the show ground.

  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.